Introducing to North America the new Fluidized Aspiration Screening Technology (FAST). Patent Pending

After years of development and testing, TAV has finalized the design of a heavy duty screening machine.

Fluidized Screening Technology excels when processing moist and sticky material! It requires minimum cleaning operations.

The Fluidized Aspiration Screening Technology provides further separation of materials by incorporating an up-flow stream of air for lighter particles.


TAV Holdings


Some of the new features on the fluidized screen technology include:

  Easy maintenance operations with easy access to bearings, shafts and drive.

  Modular design to reduce the need of conveyor belts and feeders for every screen section.

  Ultra-efficient footprint. A single unit with different modules can maximize the amount of size cuts without the need of a large footprint. Reduces the overall amount of conveyors required.

  High capacity technology. In a 12ft section 30” wide, the machine can screen up to 35tph of fines.

  Anti-clog screening equipment. No need to clean the screen. Excels with moist and sticky material.

  Infinitely adjustable gaps. TAV developed a system that allows the operators to adjust the screening gaps to make different cuts in the same unit. This eliminates the need to buy different and more expensive screens.

  Spring loaded drive. By using a special engineered spring-loaded double chain and sprocket design, TAV has significantly improved the shaft and stars life.

  Materials. With the use of special hardened materials for the shaft, chains and sprockets the Fluidized Screen Technology by TAV Holdings increases the life of the equipment.

TAV Holdings
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