Who We Are

• TAV is a leading firm in separation technology for different industries, as well as a processing and trading company of Non-Fe metals.

• We invests millions of dollars in research and development every year to continue developing innovative separation technologies, such investments have allow us to grow a significant patent portfolio.

• With headquarters and a processing facility in Atlanta, we use the latest developments to process Non-Fe metals from the region. Such processing activity allows TAV to make improvements to the technology that has been developed before putting it in the market.

• TAV has a state of the art metals laboratory with capacity to perform fire assays, atomic absorption, inductively coupled plasma and XRFs.

• Compared with other equipment manufacturers, we understand our customer needs and areas of improvement due to our processing expertise.

• We have managed and commissioned +40 installations throughout the U.S..

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TAV’s Unique Value Proposition (UVP)



• Our Unique Value Proposition, is the ability to be a stateof-the-art processor to develop new technologies. We excel in understanding our customers needs due to our processing expertise.

• The best solutions for an application does generally result from a combination of different technologies.

• One of our core developments, on which we have built our position of technology market leader, is related to the recovery of fine metals through dry and wet processes.

Dispose of the following design technologies:

• Dynamic Sensor Based Technology (patented)

• IMRO’s Magnetic Separators

• Dry Density Separation

Deep Box Aspirator (patented)

• Fluidized Screening Technology patent pending)

• Color Sorting Technology

• Our technology includes the latest ECS development using high magnetic gradient and high magnetic frequency eccentric eddy current separators.

- Standard Frequency: 24poles 2,800rpm

- High Frequency: 40poles 3,500rpm

- Ultra High Frequency: 40poles 4,000rpm

Operating Experience

• Our operating experience comes through our own recycling facilities and partnerships with some of the largest recyclers in the US involving both daily waste production and landfill reclaiming.

Metal Trading Experience

• Currently TAV processes over millions of pounds of Non-Ferrous metals in the Atlanta facility.

• This processing activity allows us to perform extensive metal trading of the metals recovered from our own recycling facility as well as the Non-Ferrous metals of our customers and partners.

• We dispose of trading records with some of the largest metal traders in Europe and China as well as with metal refineries all over the world including not only the US but also Europe and Asia.

Metal Assay Experience

• As part of the metal trading process, our own lab and engineers perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of metals through XRF’s, Atomic Absorption, Fire Assay, Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP), and Electro Plating for making cathode.

• Our metal assay capabilities allow us to best valorize the metals recovered and traded.