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Welcome to our company

Introducing new proven separation technology in the U.S.

Who We Are

TAV Holdings Inc. is a leading firm in separation technology for different industries, as well as a processing and trading company of NON-FE metals.

Active in separation technologies for the following applications:
• Car Shredder Residue
• Aluminum Shredder Residue
• Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (Electronics Recycling)
• Incinerator Ash
• Steel Making Industry (steel mills and ores processing)
• Municipal Recycling Facilities (MRFs)

More Details



Dispose of the following design technologies:
• Sensor Based Technology
• Dry Density Separation
• Screening Technology
• Color Sorters
• Magnetic equipment technology


Our operating experience comes through our own recycling facilities and partnerships with some of the largest recyclers in the US involving both daily waste production and landfill reclaiming.

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